cropped-Logo_BVCF_final-1.jpgThe German Crowdfunding Association (Bundesverband Crowdfunding eV) represents the political and public interests of Crowdfunding platforms to the German Government, Parliament, Regulatory Bodies, Media and other Associations.

It serves as a networking forum for the platform owner in developing best practices for the industry. The association is preparing to publish market data on the development of Crowdfunding in Germany.

The German Crowdfunding Association has been founded on November 4th 2015 in Frankfurt and officially launched on April 13th 2016. Members came from a wide range of business models and branches and have agreed to a binding Code of Conduct.

The board is comprised of representatives from the platforms. Full members can be given only to companies which operate platforms, however supporting member status can also be given to other institutions, such as Banks, Payment Providers, Law Firms and IT-Companies.

The association works in close cooperation with national and European networks. Our members are also members of other associations, such as the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN), the European Equity Crowdfunding Association (EECA), the German IT Association BITKOM, the German Startup Association Bundesverband Deutscher Startups, the German Business Angel Association BAND or the German Venture Capital Association BVK.

The membership is also open to companies with a seat outside of Germany. Most communication in the working group is done in German, however. If you are interested in entering the German market as a platform provider, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The seat of the association is in Berlin – please find all contact data here.

The statutes of the association can be downloaded in English.

The fee structure of the association can be downloaded in English. Associated members pay a minimum of 1200 Euro per year, platform members pay a minimum of 1200 Euro per year plus a fee which is based on the volume of the platform in Germany.