Tamara Ferreira Schmidt is a Brazilian physicist specializing in Financial Engineering and Capital Markets and Derivatives. She has over 15 years of experience in investments and product structuring at traditional and disruptive markets.

Creator of personalized content about investments, startups, innovation, digital currencies and blockchain, Tamara has already lectured at São Paulo Tech Week, Tech Week FATEC, Trevisan Business School, Brazil-Germany Fintech eTour, TEDx KanzlerPark, among other events.

German Chancellor Fellow at Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Tamara’s investigation is focused on the impacts of alternative financing and policy instruments on the early-stage entrepreneurial ecosystems. Her host in this research is the German Crowdfunding Association.

Report: Alternative Financing in Fintech Markets

Chapter 1: Crowd, Angel and Venture Capital Investors – The Best Combination to Build Successful Startups Growth Cycles

Chapter 2: Segmentation vs. Portfolio Expansion – The Early Stage Ventures’ Support in the Way of Neobanks’ Profitability

Chapter 3: Tokenization in Crowdinvesting Platforms – How Blockchain Technology and Alternative Financing can Revolutionize the Financial Market Together

Chapter 4: Green Finance Market – The Traditional and Alternative Players’ Race Against the Climate Change

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