Our Digital Investing Regulation Working Group is hosting four sessions which are open to all Fintechs which want to operate in the German market. The purpose of these sessions is to create a dialogue on upcoming topics in Fintech Regulation, especially with high relevance for Digital Investing Platforms.

Please find below the description of the four events. You can register for the events here:


On November 1st, Josefine Spengler from GSK Stockmann will provide an update on DORA and its applications to Fintechs. The event is public and starts at 10.30am.

On September 19th, Christian Krösch from SLK will provide an update on data security requirements for digital investing platforms. The event is public and starts at 10.30am.

On March 21st, we are hosting a public event on electronic digital securities. Tobias Riethmüller is providing updates on the application of the Gesetz über Elektronische Wertpapiere (eWpG). The event starts at 10.30 am and is public. The event will be in German language.

On June 20th, Till-Christopher Otto from Annerton will introduce the licensing requirements for ECSP, based on the market practice. The event is public and will start at 10.30am.